PIP and PI August 2013

Earning money from adsense is so popular. All webmasters are looking for PIP or PI August 2013 dates. PIP and also PI started for USA, Canada and some other countries. Also it started for Tanzania.

But right now there is no PIP / PI for Turkey, Egypt, India, Russia, Malaysia and other countries.


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What is web hosting?

An essay about web hosting. If you want to learn about web hosting read this article.

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Which Operating System to choose?

Operating System

Found the answer to this problem by making the software can give your site’s needs.

If you or ASP pages. NET ACCESS or MSSQL databases with if you want to use with Windows-based (2003, 2008) hosting package should be preferred.

If you are on your site, PHP, MySQL, CGI and Perl planlıyorsanoz to use Linux-based (ubuntu, redhat, etc. ..) will be hosting packages suitable for you.

Linux hosting packages are generally more affordable and stable than Windows hosting packages. Security for the Linux operating systems, in terms of usage and installation of the Windows operating system is preferred.

If the dynamic structure of your site files (ASP, PHP, etc. ..) going to use the difference to your choice of Windows or Linux system will not work ‘.

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What is Domain name?

Domains (domain name) the name and address of your website on the internet. This address can not be accessed without a website on the internet. To give an example of the website is currently in your domain, (domain name) HostingNedir.com ‘stop.

Domains, the so-called IP address, allowing the computers to see each other for entering numerical system allows you to easily and freely express in words the state. For example HostingNedir.com that when the field name in the address bar, you are using the internet IP address of the solutions in this domain name, and then directs you to the server at this ip.

Therefore, people who want to visit your web page ip address bilemeyecekleri and taking up a domain for this site easier to tutamayacakları minds and specify an address memorable.

Domains may choose to register on the domain (example: register.com, networksolutions.com etc. ..) or hosting provider, you may want to save the domain.

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Which is the Best Hosting?

In addressing this issue, of course, everyone is running, the experience can leave comments about firms. Not running from nobody else, knows of a company be expected to teach.

When you choose the best hosting edinelecek light of the information here is the article which you have chosen for your company.

At the same time you also can learn from and www.xamp.com

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Reseller Hosting

Reseller understood in terms of marketing the word again.

If you find that the packages are sold in packages reseller hosting companies. This reseller hosting packages without any infrastructure to make trade possible. In providing all the necessary infrastructure hosting company by sales revenue you can get yourself a better performing. Komisyonculuktur a kind you are done.
If you go to sites that offer hosting Reseller package, these packages you will see that they are generally more expensive than packages. But the price with reseller packages that are more opportunities have attracted attention. It is possible to host many sites in a reseller package.

After buying these packs under its own name is called resellers who sell at a higher price. Resellerlerden while hosting hosting package is actually not recommended as it get. Sağlayandan get a product directly, every time a car or take a more rational komisyoncudan. This rule also applies to web hosting services.

There are many negative aspects of a reseller agreement with:

• The first month will be higher than the cost of the product: tool also has to make money.
• technical services and the second speed will be affected negatively: there is a problem with the communication tool you will build up and express your problem; tool for later on what you own (your own well-understood problem, of course), hosting his own pain? i ilecektir to the company’s technical support department

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What is Virtual Hosting?


Web server is divided into sections, each section disconnected from each other, rent a terminal (server) that allows you to work as a type of hosting, download Napoleon Dynamite.

In the name of a field can be assigned more than one IP number. This applies in cases of high demand. xamp.com this too will be addresses, such as google.com. But more common, many domain name can be assigned to a single IP. However the “Virtual Host” (Virtual Hosting) is called. Shared Hosting The difference is that customers can control a lot more on the server.

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Domain name registration


What is the Domain, how does it work? Domain registration is the process how? Domain registration process few days? Domain registration you will have a web site or email address? What will be if my domain expired?

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